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Can silicone hoses use for fuel-line hoses?

Before we talk about this question: why the auto fuel hose is made of NBR rather than silicone, you should be aware that EPDM and silicone both has good performance on heat resistance, especially silicone. However, EPDM and silicone can not withstand the corrosion of aromatic content. For sure, some requires silicone hose to be oil resistant, thus they spend more on using flurosilicone, which we also can produce. Flurosilicone is able to avoid oil penetrating into the hose wall, but we would not suggest you use flurosilicone as fuel lines. Because there is better choice for manufacturing a fuel-line hose, which is nitrile synthetic rubber (NBR).

Specifications of SAE J30 R6 approved nitrile synthetic rubber fuel hose

This piece mainly introduces SAE J30 R6 approved nitrile synthetic rubber fuel hose to you. The rubber fuel hose SAE J30 R6 is made of smooth black fuel resistant nitrile synthetic rubber (NBR). As I explained before NBR has a good performance on oil resistance. The NBR fuel hose reinforced by high strength braided polyester, and its cove is made of synthetic rubber, which is ozone and abrasion resistant. Due to the features of NBR, the rubber fuel hose SAE J30 R6 is widely applied to conveying diesel, hydraulic oil, machinery oil, lubricant oil, etc. oil based products with aromatic content up to 30%. The rubber fuel hose SAE J30 R6 can operate with the temperature ranged from -40 ℃ to 100 ℃. The common required sizes include 1/4 fuel hose, 5/16 fuel hose, 3/8 fuel hose, 1/2 fuel hose, 5/8 fuel hose, 3/4 fuel hose, etc. We can produce the size from 3/16 inch to 1 inch SAE J30 R6 rubber fuel hose.

SAE J30R6 fuel hose

Fuel-line related issues experienced by vehicle repair and maintenance service shops

The shops that have vehicle fuel system repairs service are facing a challenge that there are many types of fuel lines that are necessary to use for the shops’ continuous development to repair customers’ cars properly. Current market does not only require a few rolls of NBR fuel hose, but also other types of repair products. Current market needs for new sizes, new fittings, etc. That led to the car repair shops’ expansion on the fuel line hoses’ inventories. And we, Orientflex, also has O.E. recommendations for the car repair shops. We recommend our petroleum-resistant nitrile tube, which cover is weather, ozone and abrasion resistant to our auto industry clients. It can be used for conveying diesel fuel with 300 psi (20 bar) working pressure.

As it mentioned before, besides fuel hose, there are also silicone hoses and EPDM hoses are widely applied in auto industries. We offer OEM, we hope to satisfy all our clients’ (car manufacture and repair industries) needs, and to help them select right hoses for the specific repairs. If you need auto rubber hoses or silicone hoses, welcome to contact us.

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