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Image that in a hot summer, you walk by a river eating ice cream, suddenly a terrible smell comes. How sicking it is. The terrible smell may come from PVC hose.

Why PVC hose sends forth terrible smell

PVC raw material

PVC is a high molecular material and the chemical formula is -(CH2-CHCl)n-. We can see that there is chlorine (cl) in the PVC content. Chlorine has terrible smell itself. So PVC has terrible smell from the source material.

Additives during the producing

PVC monomer can’t be used to produce straightly. We have to add plasticizer or other additives to form PVC particle then process and produce PVC hose. During this, PVC monomer and additives will spread according to environment change. So you may smell terrible smell.

The overheat of PVC hose cause smell

During the pyrolyzation procedure of PVC, there will be hydrogen chloride gas (HCL). HCL gas is colorless with terrible smell. That means when the temperature is high, there will be HCL gas release from PVC hose. That’s the reason that you smell terrible smell in hot summer. In the meantime, PVC hose will turn yellow or black.

PVC shower hose

Is the smell harmful to human?

That’s depend on the amount. If the smell is less and eliminate soon with the wind, it will not harm human. But if you are in terrible smell for long time, it will harm to your health. In such condition, you have to make effort to eliminate the smell.

How to eliminate the terrible smell

Physical method

Put the hose in a ventilation place with sunlight and eliminate the smell.

Chemical method

Coat PVC deodorant on the hose surface and the smell will disappear few days later.

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