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During use, a “hissing” air leakage sound will occur from the upper part of the engine when running at idle speed. As the speed increases, the sound gradually disappears. While the sound in cooler and heat machine does not vary. At the same time, when the engine is running at idle speed, there is also a “chugging” sound. And some accessories do not work due to insufficient vacuum. Although the sound is small, there are hidden risks. Then what cause air leakage in the vacuum hose?

vacuum leaner hose

Reason that cause vacuum hose leakage

The cause of the above failure is that the vacuum hose becomes loose and falls off. Then the engine works and cause vacuum. Then there is a large suction at the vacuum hose joint and result in the sound of airflow. The method to deal with this problem is simple. Check each vacuum hose and pipe joint for aging, deformation, cracking, or falling off. While if there is any damage, replace it with a new one.

Besides, there are some other factors that can cause leakage. For example, the oil in the engine system may corrode the rubber hose. Then it will cause the auto hose aging. After some time, there will be leakage.

Swimming Pool Vacuum Pipe

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