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Flame retardant fire resistant sleeve is a pipe material for fire isolation and protection. It has excellent fire proof property. In fields such as electric power, pipelines are very important facilities. If a fire breaks out in a pipeline, it will not only cause casualty and property loss, but also cause serious pollution. Therefore, the use of fire protection sleeve can isolate the fire source and smoke. Then it can prevent the spread of fire and protect the safety of people and property.

silicone rubber sleeve

Fireproof sleeve is usually made of high temp material such as fibre glass and silicone. Ability to maintain stable physical and chemical properties at high temp for long periods of time. In addition, it will not burn or produce toxic gases at high temp. The outer layer of is usually wear and corrosion resistant. Thus it can effectively prevent mechanical damage and corrosion.

It is very simple to install the silicone fire sleeve. You just put the sleeve on the pipe. During that, pay attention to the length and width of the sleeve. Make sure the sleeve completely covers the pipe and fits snugly without leaving any gaps. In addition, pay attention to the sealing of the sleeve to ensure that it can isolate the fire source and smoke.

silicone fiberglass sleeve

Silicone hose sleeve widely serves in electric power, steel factory, etc. and is an important fireproof material. In the construction field, it is mainly for fire protection of pipelines such as cables. While in the power field, silicone sleeve is for fire protection of cables, hydraulic hose and other pipes.

In short, flame retardant fireproof sleeve is a very important material. It can isolate fire sources and smoke and prevent the spread of fire. Then it protects the safety of people and property. If ou need such great sleeve, welcome to contact Orientflex.

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