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Why the hydraulic hose buyers required the quality hydraulic hoses? Hydraulic hoses are widely applied to hydraulic supports, oilfield mining machinery, and construction etc. These projects require to replace the hydraulic hoses in time while they fail, therefore, many organizations’ purchase team import hydraulic hoses in bulk. Accordingly, we, Orientflex will provide the best wholesale price for them. Of course, for minimizing the quality failure phenomena, you should not cooperate with the manufacturer who produce inferior hydraulic hoses. This piece, I will introduce to you how the hydraulic hose SAE100 R1AT has been manufactured, and how do we guarantee the quality.

Introduction of hydraulic hose SAE100 R1AT

The hydraulic hose SAE100 R1AT refers to the one layer steel wire reinforced hydraulic hose. Concerning the production process of this hydraulic hose, it goes through rubber milling, oil resistant synthetic nitrile rubber inner tube extrusion, single layer of steel wire braided reinforcement, oil resistant synthetic rubber (high quality CR and NBR) outer tube extrusion, wrapping water cloth, vulcanization, taking off water cloth, pressure test, and packaging. We can provide OEM printing, OEM packaging, OEM loading way, etc. Also, you can choose wrapped surface and smooth surface of hydraulic hoses. The sizes can be chosen from 5 mm to 51mm.

hydraulic hose SAE 100 R1

How do we guarantee the quality?

Following let’s talk about how do we manufacture the best quality hydraulic hoses, we test our rubber raw material for ensuring the quality. We are using JSR, ZONER and LG NBR Korea, Lanxess NBR Germany raw rubber material for the inner tube extrusion, which have an excellent performance on oil resistance, rather than using domestic rubber like other suppliers. We test the raw material by many types our test machine including weight test, punching test machine, impact tester, abrasion test, strength test, aging-resistant test machine, etc. The reinforced steel wire we adopted Belgium Belkta steel wire, which has 2750 MPa tensile strength. In addition, each of the hydraulic hose is under our strict quality control system to guarantee the quality. If your project requires SAE100 R1AT hydraulic hoses, choose us, you will get the best quality ones.

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