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Corrugated Chemical Hose

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Corrugated Chemical Hose

Corrugated chemical hose is more flexible than common chemical suction hose. Besides, it has much better bending ability. Thus it can work in narrow space or where need to bend. Orientflex offers you different types of corrugated chemical hose. While our chemical hoses can meet the FDA and USDA standards. Then our acid resistant pipe can be your reliable choice.

Solvent Resistant Hose

Tube: White and smooth EPDM, lined with ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE).

Reinforcement: high tensile synthetic textile and static ground wire helix

Cover: EPDM

Temperature: -40℃ to + 120℃ (-40℉ to +248℉)

Application: Acid suction & discharge, chemical transfer and used as chemical spray hose.

Corrugated Chemical Hose is a high pressure, high temperature suction and discharge hose designed to handle many commonly used acids, chemicals and solvents.

Chemical Suction hose has a Smooth Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) lining. While EPDM that features a temperature rating to 120°C, meets FDA, USDA and 3-A requirements, and will not leach into and contaminate the product being conveyed.

The dual wire helix provides full suction capability, kink resistance and a path to conduct a static electrical charge to ground. And is suitable for use with internally expanded couplings. The cover is resistant to abrasion, mild chemicals and ozone.

Corrugated Chemical Hose Features

Abrasion and ozone resistant: the cover protects the body from stiffening and cracking caused by ozone and UV exposure. It also added abrasion resistance for extended hose life.

Non-kinking: the internal helical wire structure helps prevent kinking.

MultiPly acid discharge hose: designed to handle most of common acids and alkali solutions under pressure.

MultiPly acid suction hose: this hose is reinforced with a high tensile textile cord with wire helix to prevent collapse under vacuum conditions.

Corrugated Chemical Hose Specification

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