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Furnace Hose

Furnace hose is to convey cold water to the furnace for the cooling purpose. It widely serves in steel factory, metallurgy, power plant and manny other industries.

Tube: EPDM, white, smooth and non-conductive

Reinforcement: Two layers of synthetic fabric

Cover: Glass fibre ply impregnated with heat and flame resistant synthetic rubber

Temperature: -40℃ to +130℃ ( -40°F to +266°F ), Cover to +302℃ (+575°F)

Application: The non-conductive furnace door hose is designed for conveying cooling water to furnace doors in steel mills, glass plants and similar operations.

Furnace Door Hose is an industrial cooling/water hose for furnaces in foundries, glassworks, steel mills and other worksites that require a hose to withstand extreme external temperatures.

Melt shop flame and heat resistant hose supplying cooling water for electric arc furnaces is critical to the manufacture of steel. Extreme radiant heat, open flames, molten slag, and harsh working environments found in melt shops can lead to hose failure.

Our heat resistant, flame resistant fiberglass furnace door hose is ideal for steel mill applications. A fiberglass cover resists temperature up to 575°F. working pressure design allows this furnace door hose to be used in harsher environments due to increased wall thickness and higher working pressure.

The durable and heat resistant aramid cover withstands steel splashes and external heat radiation to 572°F (300°C). The rubber water hose construction is electrically nonconductive with a min resistance of one megaohm per inch at 1000 volts DC.

Furnace Hose Features:

Cover resists heat up to +575°F

Resists heat, open flame and splashes of white hot metal to +575°F ( +300℃ )

EPDM tube is non-conductive

Furnace Hose Specification

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