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In the last piece, I introduced you the great properties of a low temperature resistant hose. While this time, let me show you the general applications of it.

Frozen food and beverage industry

Used in piping systems for transporting frozen foods and beverages. These hoses maintain their softness and elasticity at low temperatures. and ensuring the safety and quality of food and beverages.

pvc suction hose for water pump

Liquefied gas transportation

Low temperature resistant hoses can also be used to transport liquefied gases such as LNG and LPG. At low temperatures, these hoses maintain their chemical and cryogenic resistance, ensuring the safe transport of gases.

Refrigeration and freezing equipment

Used in piping systems connecting refrigeration and freezing equipment, such as refrigerators, freezers, etc. These hoses prevent cold air from leaking out in low temp. While maintaining the softness and elasticity of the material.

Chemical industry

Used in piping systems in chemical delivery systems. It can withstand the corrosion and high pressure of various chemicals. Then it ensures the safety of the deliver project.

PVC corrugated suction hose pipe

Cryogenic laboratory and scientific research equipment

Used in piping systems connecting cryogenic laboratories and scientific research equipment. Such as freeze dryer, low temp water bath, etc. It maintains its durability and sealing properties in extremely cold environments. This ensures the accuracy and reliability of experiments and scientific research.

In short, low temp resistant hoses have been widely used in many fields due to their excellent performance. Orientflex is an industrial hose company that has been operating for many years. We combine product functionality, quality and value based on your actual needs. To provide you with more perfect service.

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