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The hot tar and asphalt hose is high-temperature resistant hose, which is design for conveying hot tar, high temperature asphalt, glues, wax, hot oil, etc. It can be used for both suction and discharge service for rail cars, tanks, trucks and other disposing equipment needs. If your industries require the drainage and suction service for high-temperature and viscous fluids, the hot tar and asphalt hose might be a proper choice. Let’s talk about the construction of the hose and how does it achieve high temperature resistance.

The special elastomer compound tube is formulated for oil, abrasion and hot temperature resistance, which heat resistant up to 180 ℃. The reinforcement of the hose is 2 or 4 layers high tensile cord with steel wire helix, inserting anti-static wires. The high tensile cord and steel wire helix reinforcement make the hose resist kinks. The anti-static wires aim to avoid the hose blocks caused by statics. The hose cover is made of synthetic elastomer compound, which has high abrasion, ozone and weather resistance. The cover is black and wrapped finish. The common sizes are 2″, 3″, and 4″. All sizes are full vacuum rating. And the common length is 200 ft. The hot tar and asphalt hose is able to withstand 10 bar working pressure.

For extending the hose’s serve life, it is recommended to flush the hose well after use it for suction or discharge of viscous fluids. The hose is able to take the temperature from -40 ℃ to 180 ℃. Notes, the working pressure decreases dramatically while the temperature condition increases. When the temperature of hot tar and asphalt is above 100 ℃, the marked working pressure will be reduced. Thus, the operator should make sure the decreased pressure is appropriate.

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Besides the proper operation by the operators, choosing a high quality hot tar and asphalt hose is important. Because the leakage of hot tar and asphalt can cause the material waste, tanks’ damage, people’s casualties, environmental pollution, etc. The hot tar and asphalt are bad for people’s health, the accidental inhalation may cause breathing problems. The leakage of hot tar and asphalt might be led by the deformation and corrosion of the hose. Whereas, Orientflex can provide the best quality hose based on your requirements, avoiding the leakage caused by the hoses’ quality problem.

There are a few tips for if the asphalt leakage happened, what should we do. Firstly, we should isolate leaked contaminated areas and restrict access to the areas. Secondly, we suggest the emergency response handlers wear respirators, and do not directly touch the leaked fluids. For a small amount of leakage, to avoid dust, use non-sparking tools to collect in a dry, clean container and transport to an open place, or burn it on the spot while ensuring safety. If there is a large amount of leakage, cover with plastic cloth canvas to reduce scattering, use non-sparking tools to collect and recycle or transport to waste treatment plant for treatment. We always wish the safety to all the people while conveying hot tar and asphalt.

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