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Welding hose is a common material in industry. It consists of two hoses. One is oxygen hose and the other one is acetylene hose. Twin welding hose is widely used in welding and cutting work. In general, the hose is safe. But you should also pay attention to the safety when using it. Then let me show you some things to focus on.

welding hose

First of all, obey the safe operation regulation to use a welding hose

When you use oxygen hose and acetylene hose, strictly follow the regulations. Because only this can prevent the accidents like fire.

Prevent temper

When you use twin hose, ensure smooth air flow to avoid temper. Because this can cause flame instability and affect the welding quality.

PVC twin welding hose

Prevent oxidation

Try to avoid exposing the cutting hose to the air for too long. Because exposed to air for a long time can cause oxidation reaction. While oxidation can cause flame instability and affect welding quality.

No matter how good the quality of the hose is, you still need to maintain it regularly. Because the hose is special and the gas is also special. Once the gas leaks, it will cause fire or even explosion when there is open fire. Thus you should choose a good and proper hose based on the welding tech. Besides, follow the safe operation tips. Then you can make sure the welding quality and safety.

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