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Sand Blast Hose

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Sand Blast Hose

Sandblasting is a special work because it is to clean the scale and other impurities on the metal surface with spraying sand and shot. Thus it requires a special rubber hose which is highly resistant to abrasion. While sand blaster hose is such a hose that specially designed for blasting work. Orientflex sandblast hose has much better abrasion resistance with a longer service life. It will be your best choice.

Sand Blast Hose

Tube: Black and smooth synthetic rubber

Reinforcement: Multiple ply of high strength synthetic fabrics

Cover: Black, smooth (wrapped) and abrasion resistant NR

Temperature: -40℃ to +70℃ (-40℉ to +158℉)

Application: Softwall and abrasion resistant sandblasting hose is designed to delivery steel shots, sand and beads in blasting application

Sand Blast Hose is specially designed for all abrasive blast applications. Sand blasting pipe has a thick and extremely abrasion resistant tube to extend life in sandblasting service. Besides, sandblaster hose has a static conductive tube dissipates static electricity to prevent dangerous shocks.

The shot blast hose is designed for high velocity transfer of sand, steel shot and other abrasive materials in building maintenance, restoration or the cleaning and finishing of metal parts, stone, or glass. Blasting hose pipe is a kink resistant hose that will withstand external abuse and internal abrasion.

Abrasive Blast Hose Features

Weather resistant cover

Excellent abrasion resistant

Abrasion loss value: acc DIN 53516 ≦ 60mm3

Sand Blast Hose Specification

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