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Sandblast work is to spray abrasives such as sand, shot or others to the surface. While the whole work is at a high pressure. Thus the work is really dangerous. Therefore, you have to take some measures to protect yourself to do such work. Here are some safe tips.


Always wear personal protective equipment such as face shield, dust mask, gloves and protective clothing. This helps protect against hazard such as flying debris and abrasive dust.


Sand blast generates airborne particles and dust. Thus it is important to work in a well-ventilated area or use a duct hose. This helps reduce the risk of harmful dust and ensures a safe work.

sand blaster hose

Pressure Relief

Before making any adjustment to the sandblast hose, ensure that the system is turned off. Then release any pressure in the system.


Regularly inspect the sandblast hose for any wear and damage. Besides, pay attention to the areas near fittings. Because these are more possible to stress and leak. While if there was any problem, change the hose at once.

Secure Connect

Ensure that all the fittings are secure and tight. Loose connection can lead to leaks, posing safety risks.

Above are some tips to keep safe in sandblast work. Follow Orient and learn more in the next piece.

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