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Do you know there are two construction appearance options for PVC suction pipe due to the difference of the production process? One is smooth surface PVC suction hose and the other is corrugated surface PVC suction hose. Are these two types of water pump hose just different in appearance? This piece will talk about the similarity and difference between smooth surface PVC suction hose and corrugated surface PVC suction hose. And then according to your market needs, you can choose the most appropriate PVC suction hose pipe for your application requirements.

The similarity between smooth surface and corrugated surface PVC suction hose pipe

Whatever your PVC suction hose pipe is smooth surface or corrugated surface, they are both made of quality PVC material and reinforced with a rigid PVC helix. Although their outer surfaces look different, they both have a smooth inner construction, thus conveys unrestricted flow of materials including water, air, powdery particles, etc. Due to the features of PVC material, the PVC water suction hose can work with the temperature between -10 ℃ to 65 ℃. PVC spiral hoses with smooth surface and corrugated surface both are economical option, and good at abrasion and chemical resistant. According to your requirements, they both have three working pressure standards, heavy duty suction hoses, standard duty suction hoses, and light duty suction hoses. This mainly depends on the requirements for wall thickness.

PVC suction hose

The distinguish between smooth surface and corrugated surface PVC suction hose pipe

Firstly, let’s talk about the price different, for the same size and length requirements, PVC corrugated hose is relatively a bit cheaper than smooth surface one. And for the weight, PVC corrugated hoses is a bit lighter as well based on the same size and length demands. Secondly, concerning the bending radius, it is true they both have small bending radius. However, in comparison, PVC corrugated hose is winner. PVC corrugated hoses have excellent bending radius, which can provide a high flexibility. If you required heavy duty suction hoses, the smooth surface suction hose pipe’s size can be chosen from 3/4 inch to 14 inch, and for the PVC corrugated suction hose, the size’s range is from 3/4 inch to 12 inch. But for the light duty suction hose, the size can not go for too large, because it might burst if the size is too large.

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