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You might think the tank cleaning is a horrible experience, however as long as you regularly clean and maintain the tanks, it can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria which led to the foul smell. Routine cleaning can extend the serve life of tanks, reduce the repair costs. The tank cleaning hose plays an important role on tank cleaning solutions. Tank cleaning hoses are water discharge hoses particularly for tank cleaning operations. Tank cleaning hoses use for transferring water and a cleaning solution from the pump to the portable tank cleaning machine. In addition, the tank cleaning hoses can be used for suspending the portable tank cleaning machine within the tank to clean it.

The high-quality tank cleaning hoses are constructed by a EPDM rubber tube, reinforced by high strength synthetic plies and two stainless stranded static wires trailing of each end for electrostatic protection. The cover is also EPDM black rubber, which is weather and ageing resistant. The withstood working pressure is 20 bar. Due to the excellent performance of EPDM on the heat resistance, the rubber tank cleaning hose can clean the tank with hot water mixed with steam and detergent. The undertaken working temperature ranged from -30 ℃ to 90 ℃. The sizes are 1″,1 1/2″, and 2″. You can customize the the length based on your needs. And you can customize a yellow color brand printing between each five meters for identification. Orientflex can manufacture the hose based on your requirements. Tell Orientflex your standard, you will get a hundred percent what you need.

Tank Cleaning Hose

Besides regularly cleaning the tanks, it is also important to routinely care for the tank cleaning hose to make the tank cleaning experience better. There are several tips for caring your tank cleaning hose:

Firstly, when you flush out the tank cleaning hose, you can observe the water coming out of the tank cleaning hose until the water runs clear.

Secondly, avoid using powerful chemicals to clean the tanks. EPDM is generally attacked by mineral oils. Solvents, and aromatic hydrocarbons, thus EPDM might not be able to avoid chemical corrosion.

Thirdly, store the tank cleaning hose properly and safely.

Fourthly, tank cleaning hoses’ connectors, featuring adapter and other assemblies are all important to the tank cleaning hose.

Orientflex can provide you high-quality tank cleaning hose and provide you suggestions based on your needs and your using scenario. Cooperate with Orientflex, get more information about tank cleaning tips.

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