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When you need the hose for suction, then the layflat hose and the PVC fabric reinforced hose may not satisfy your needs. Whereas, PVC steel wire spring hose and PVC suction hose can meet your suction requirements, because the PVC steel wire spring hose is reinforced by a steel wire spiral, which can acts as a support for the pipe while using.

A PVC steel wire spring hose applies in many areas, including industries, agriculture, engineering, foodstuffs, and sanitation lines. It is for suction and discharge water, oil, and powdery particles. While the steel wire hose is using for transferring foodstuffs such as milk, beverage, distilled liquor, beer, jam and any other eatable liquids, the raw PVC material can be made of food grade PVC.

For the purpose of safety, a cooper wire can be inserted into hose. It also benefits for avoiding the static block happened while the hose in use. Furthermore, the cooper wire can protect the users’ safety to avoid a electric shock or electric current impingement happening.

Characteristics of PVC steel wire reinforcement hose

PVC steel wire spring tubing is lightweight, flexible with small bending radius, thus it is easy to use and storage.

It is anti-abrasion, anti-UV and anti-corrosion, it can last a long service life.

It has a good performance to adapt bad weather conditions (withstand the temperature from -10℃ to 65℃), climate change, chemical damage and other external impacts.

PVC steel wire hose

Color selection

You can choose the transparent flexible steel wire hose, then you can see the content and its working conditions.

There are also other color choices, you can choose the color depending on your needs and its working scenario. For example, while the steel wire hose is using for the suction of sewage, you can choose the deep color such as black. For the discharge of water, you can choose white. Just suggestions, you can free feel to make your decision.

Size and Length selection

The inside diameter is ranged from 6mm to 204mm. While the inside diameter goes larger, the working pressure withstood by the steel wire hose is lower (from 11 to 3 bar). The length can be determined by the required length in reality.

Concerning the reinforcement, when you choose 4.5 mm wall thickness, the diameter of the reinforced steel wire is around 1.2 mm; when the wall thickness is larger than 5 mm, the diameter of the steel wire is around 1.6 mm. It can be seen that the steel wire supported pipe has a good performance on negative pressure resistance (-1 bar).

Hope these information can be helpful for you to make the best choice. Have a wonderful day.

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