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The corrugated suction hose is made of high-quality PVC, the inner wall is smooth, and the outer wall is corrugated.

The construction and application of PVC corrugated suction hose

PVC corrugated suction hose is usually used as a suction and conveying pipe, especially suitable for the suction of solids such as dust and fibers, gaseous and liquid media, industrial dust removal and suction equipment, air conditioning and ventilation systems, and is an anti-wear protection tube. The inside of the corrugated suction hose is smooth, flexible, good alkali resistance and acid resistance, good chemical resistance, good UV and ozone resistance; small bending radius, no gas and liquid leakage. The wall of the corrugated suction hose is covered with a hard plastic spiral, and the inner wall of the tube is smooth.

Storage and use of PVC corrugated suction hose

The hose should not be artificially compressed, elongated or excessively deformed during storage. The hose should not come into contact with any sharp metal. Store in a dry environment, if conditions permit, store in a separate area. If the hoses need to be stacked, the stacking height cannot exceed the limit, and permanent deformation of the underlying hoses should be avoided. Heavier products should be placed below, and lighter products can be placed above. The bending radius of the coil cannot exceed the minimum bending radius of the product standard. Do not hang the coiled hose on the hook.

PVC suction hose pipe

When using the hose, it should be ensured that the hose is intact and meets the conditions of use when leaving the warehouse. Therefore, different hoses should be marked accordingly. Under special circumstances, if the hose is stored for a long time, the metal pipe head should be carefully checked before leaving the warehouse. Before returning the hose to the warehouse, make sure that there is no residual transfer material inside. At the end of the cleaning work, check whether the hose is in good condition before warehousing to ensure normal use in the future.

The difference between smooth suction hose and corrugated suction hose

Basically, there is not much difference between PVC smooth suction hose and PVC corrugated suction hose in terms of production technology, structure, application and characteristics. But they do have some differences in bending radius. For the same size requirements, PVC corrugated suction hoses usually have a smaller bending radius. The PVC corrugated suction hose is easier to bend. Just like their names, corrugated suction hoses are more flexible than smooth suction hoses.

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