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600 PSI Air Hose

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600 PSI Air Hose

600 psi air hose is made from NR or SBR which is the same with Jack Hammer hose. But the reinforce of such high pressure air hose is high tensile steel wire braid. Thus it can bear high pressure up to 600 psi.

600 psi Air Hose

Tube: NR or SBR, black

Reinforcement: High tensile steel wire braid or spiral

Cover: NR or SBR, black, yellow and gray

Temperature: -30℃ to +80℃ (-22℉ to +176℉)

Application: For heavy duty air supply that requires high temperature. For use with high temperature compressors without an after-cooler. It’s used in mining, quarry, construction, industrial air placement, sand blasting and heavy duty equipment

Wire Reinforced Air Hose provides long service life in heavy construction, mining and quarry. Its steel reinforcement withstands extreme abuse, tugging and pulling.

The wire air hose is available in two different models: one has a standard temperature and up to 200 °F and the other has a high temperature range up to 275 °F. The high temperature hoses can handle high temperature compressor applications without after-cooler easily.

Its cover offers excellent abrasion and weather resistance, while the tube is resistant to heat and oil “mist” from compressors. If the tube is influenced by too much of oil, the hose will swell and fail prematurely because excessive or prolonged heat will degrade the rubber compounds.

600 Psi Air Hose Features

Oil mist resistant

High working pressure

Weather and ozone resistant

Excellent abrasion resistant

600 PSI Air Hose Specification

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