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Reinforced Air Hose

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Reinforced Air Hose

Reinforced air hose is a flexible air tube with high tensile polyester braid. Both of the inner tube and cover are natural rubber or SBR. Such industrial air hose is ideal for various pneumatic tools and air transfer equipment.

Reinforced Air Hose

Tube: NR or SBR, black

Reinforce: One ply or two ply of high tensile polyester thread braid

Cover: NR or SBR, smooth or wrapped surface, black, yellow and red are available

Surface: Wrapped surface or smooth Surface

Temperature: -40℃ to +70℃ (-40℉ to +158℉)

Application: Textile Reinforced Air Hoses are designed for rugged air line service in mines, quarries, construction, industrial air placement and rental.

Textile Braided Rubber Air Hose is mainly used as the connector between air compressor and other devices. Air compressor flex hose is widely used in underwater diving, like scuba diving. It is an important part of diving dress and other types of surface supplied diving equipment. In the other hand, air hoses can be used as air brakes on tractors and semi-trailers.

Rubber air compressor hose consists of three parts: tube, reinforce and cover.

The tube is made from high quality black and smooth synthetic rubber, mainly NBR, which is resistant to abrasion, corrosion and oils.

The reinforce is multiple layers of high strength synthetic fiber, making the flexible air hose have solid structure.

While cover is made from high quality black and smooth synthetic rubber, mainly chloroprene rubber which is resistant to fire, abrasion, corrosion, oils, weather, ozone and aging. The high pressure hose has a long service life as a result.

Reinforced Air Hose Features

Oil mist resistant tube


Weather and ozone resistant

Excellent abrasion resistance

Rubber Air Compressor Hose 300 Psi

Rubber Air Compressor Hose 400 Psi

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