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Jack Hammer Hose

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Jack Hammer Hose

Jack hammer hose is a flexible and and high pressure resistant rubber air hose. It is specially designed for jackhammer and other pneumatic tools like rock drill. Besides, it is also ideal for general air transfer applications.

Jack Hammer Hose

Tube: NR or SBR, black

Reinforce: One ply or two ply of high tensile polyester thread braid

Cover: NR or SBR, smooth or wrapped surface, black, yellow and red

Temperature: -40℃ to 70℃ (-40℉ to +158℉)

Application: Designed for mining and construction sites for use with jackhammer, air drill and other large pneumatic tools.

Jackhammer Air Hose is a cost effective hose with a high visibility and smooth cover which offers users an alternative and heavier duty air hose like our NL1010 or NL1019.

It has an EPDM tube and an EPDM cover which has limited resistance to oil and abuse, so it is suitable for contractor use where oil exposure is limited such as in irrigation blow out or other air applications that no need of oil in lubricate tools.
Besides, the EPDM construction has excellent resistance to heat, ozone and weather.

Heavy duty air hoses used in mining, drilling and construction are subject to a range of elements and factors that will degrade the hose, so you should consider the life expectency, frequency of use and type of elements the hose will be subject too. Typically a higher cost heavy duty air hose will be more resistant to pressures, heat, oil and abuse.

Orientflex offers you the best rock drill hose and jackhammer hose. Besides, we can offer you jackhammer air hose fittings.

Jack hammer Hose Features:

Assembly with coupling is available

Weather, heat and ozone resistant

Excellent abrasion resistant

Easy to handle & non leaking

Jack Hammer Hose Specification


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